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The world of SaGa: Scarlet Grace is replete with unique lore.


Official Summary

An existence that gave not knowledge, but wisdom, and not civilization, but culture to human beings. As a result of being a constellation occupying a place in the sky, they are called the star gods.

12 star gods surround the center of the sky.

The star gods support culture and govern technology. Agriculture, stock-farming, seamanship, martial arts, black magic… People offer prayers to the star gods in line with their own pursuits.

The light of a star that is the power of a god surpasses the light of the sun and shines brightly even in the noon.

In this land, rather than the sun, moon, or the planets, stars are the celestial bodies that govern the world.

In the age of imperialism, stands for reading the celestial bodies were made to read and understand their divine will, as well as to be able to prepare for imminent crises. Star reading stands are even at temples, and even now with the empire perished, has a significant impact on peoples’ lives.


Firebringer—an evil god, banished by the star gods for his betrayal. He is turned into a comet and sent away. Other dark demons that have been suppressed begin to become violent and the world falls into chaos.

The star gods grant power to one man. He leads the people in a war against Firebringer and establishes an empire.

The dark demons are pushed underground, and the evil god’s star leaves. After that, the evil god’s star returns every 150 years. For ages and ages, they meet Firebringer and his demons in battle.

Over time there are emperors who prepare diligently and defeat the evil god easily, but there are also emperors who are careless and drive the world into ruin.

Finally, after a seventh invasion, the evil god’s star was decimated. The war that lasted 1,000 years is brought to an abrupt stop. The people rejoiced to usher in peace.

Fragments of Firebringer rain down onto the earth, like fireworks celebrating the victory of the humans and star gods. If Firebringer is extinguished, even the empire would become unnecessary.

The empire continues to rule, and many places react with rebellion. This ties into a civil war by the emperor’s son and company. Amidst the chaos, a hero brings down Firebringer, the emperor is assassinated, and the empire collapses.

70 years later.

Hardly anyone who remembers the era of the empire is around anymore. The world remains in chaos. No one notices a new danger approaching. However, a new hero arises for the new era.