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The following are the available units for SaGa: Scarlet Grace.

For rankings related to units, please check the Unit Rankings page.


Main Units

  • Urpina - A cheerful young woman who, while a little air-headed, has a strong sense of justice. She was born to the Uranius family, a samurai nobility, but she has yet to master the secrets of dual sword techniques.
  • Leonard - A young man and farmer who can skillfully handle farming tools and devices. He is quiet and unapproachable. One day, he hears a collapsed woman living in the village muttering about “going to Ai-Khanoum,” so he sells his land and heads for the legendary city of Ai-Khanoum in her place.
  • Taria - A woman potter. In dealing with pottery, she notices that the distortions in the world are also causing distortions in her own creations. She decides to face those distortions head on and goes on a journey to understand their origin and identity.
  • Balmaint - A courtroom executioner. He carries out the executions when Sigfrey, the administrator of Cohan Castle, executes many people. When Sigfrey is arrested as a political opponent, it is Balmaint who is responsible for his execution. Sigfrey predicted that, “I will be resurrected seven times and justice will be served,” and was executed. So Balmaint goes on a journey to remove Sigfrey’s head seven times.

Supporting Units